About CVPR Lab, IIT Ropar

CVPR Lab is a group of research scholars and graduate students working under the guidance of Dr. Subrahmanyam Murala. Aim of CVPR Lab is to design, develop and deploy efficient solutions to real-world Computer Vision scenarios. Our research is directed towards cutting-edge applications of Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Biomedical Signal and Image Processing. The vision of the lab is to keep the right balance between academic research and industrial innovation. We are working on -

  • Vision in Low Visibility
  • Automatic Driver Assistance System
  • Scene Understanding and Robotics Vision System
  • Biomedical Signal and Image Analysis
  • Forensic Applications for Image and Video Processing
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Surveillance
  • Information Processing and Retrieval
  • Human-Centric Analysis

Dr. Subrahmanyam Murala

Associate Professor
IIT Ropar, India

Recent News
May 16, 2020 One paper accepted in ICIP-2020. Congratulations to Praful.
Feb. 24, 2020 TWO papers ACCEPTED in CVPR-2020. Congratulations to Akshay and Prashant
Nov. 1, 2019 One Project Started in Collaboration with HUAWEI Tech. India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
Aug. 11, 2019 One Paper ACCEPTED in Neurocomputing (Dr. Sachin's PhD work)
Aug. 8, 2019 One Paper ACCEPTED in BSPC, Elsevier (M.Tech. Student Work)
Aug. 2, 2019 ONE paper ACCEPTED in IEEE TIP.
July 15, 2019 Our M.Tech. Student Miss Shubhangi Selected for PMRF and joined in IIT Bombay for Ph.D.

...Technologies We Are Dealing With...

Computer Vision

We solve computer vision problems with CNN, Autoencoders and GANs.

Deep Learning

We design cutting edge research models in deep learning.

Image Processing

We do work on low level vision problems.

Artificial Intelligence

We are doing research in cutting edge AI algorithms including generative adversarial and reinforced models.


We deal with UAVs for real world applications.

Android Applications

We design and develope real world android applications with computer vision and deep learning.

Biomedical Image Processing

We deal with biomedical data (MRI, CT etc) for automated medical science.

Signal Processing

We design and develope frequency models and deep models for signal processing applications.