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Ashutosh Kulkarni

Email :

Phone : 8149605695

Address : CVPR Lab, IIT Ropar,India

Research Topic : Single Image Rain Removal.

Current Position : Research Scholar, CVPR Lab, EED

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B.Tech S.G.G.S.I.E.T, Nanded
M.Tech -
Ph.D CVPR Lab, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Ropar, India.

About Research Topic

Due to the presence of rain and frontal fog (precipitation fog), scene visibility is degraded when images are captured in a rainy environment, resulting in the degradation of computer vision tasks such as object detection, semantic segmentation, depth estimation, etc. Hence, single image rain removal provides an advantage by preprocessing the degraded images and helps the higher-level computer vision tasks to produce better results.

My Research Objectives are as follows :

  • The initial objective is to focus on removing different types of rain streaks and raindrops present in an image without losing the structural details. Later
  • to work towards removing Rain and Haze together while preserving the structural details through a single deep learning algorithm
  • which will help the task of traffic monitoring by better object recognition in degraded environment.

Introductory Video About Research Topic