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Praful Hambarde

Email :

Phone : 9623731283

Address : CVPR Lab, IIT Ropar,India

Research Topic : Single Image Depth Estimation

Current Position : Research Scholar, CVPR Lab, EED

Website :


B.Tech MIT Aurangabad, Dr.BAMU University, Aurangabad, INDIA
M.Tech SGGS IE&T Nanded, SRTM University, Nanded, INDIA
Ph.D CVPR Lab, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Ropar, India.

About Research Topic

Depth sensing is a fundamental application in autonomous navigation, localization, and mapping. The LiDARs and stereo depth sensor have their own restrictions such as light sensitiveness, power consumption and short-range. However, existing depth sensors offer many shortcomings, especially low effective spatial resolutions. Hence, Single image depth estimation is a very important task in order to attain enhanced resolution with existing hardware.

My Research Objectives are as follows :

  • To design an end-to-end depth estimation network which could be able to estimate the depth from a single image without any prior information.

Introductory Video About Research Topic


Conf Praful Hambarde, Akshay Dudhane and Subrahmanyam Murala "Single Image Depth Estimation Using Deep Adversarial Training", in IEEE ICIP-2019, Taipei, Taiwan, 2019,. (pdf)