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Shruti Phutke

Email :

Phone : 9404294692

Address : CVPR Lab, IIT Ropar,India

Research Topic : Forensic Applications for Image and Video Processing

Current Position : Research Scholar, CVPR Lab, EED

Website :


B.Tech MBESCOEA, Dr. BAMU Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India
M.Tech SGGSIE&T, SRTMU, Nanded, Maharashtra, India
Ph.D CVPR Lab, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Ropar, India.

About Research Topic

Images provide a natural communication as human often need no special training to understand the image content. With the advancement of technology, the digital data has taken place of analog data. In recent years, due to the advent of high-performance commodity hardware and improved human-computer interfaces, it has become relatively easy to tamper images. At the beginning, the alteration was only used to enhance the image performance, but then many people started to alter the image content, even to gain their ends by illegal methods. So it's valuable to develop credible methods to detect whether a digital image is tampered (forged), so-called digital image forgery detection.

My Research Objectives are as follows :

  • To develop the methods for different digital image forgery such as:
  • Fake Colorization
  • Image Copy Move Forgery
  • Image Splicing
  • Image Inpainting

Introductory Video About Research Topic