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Prashant Patil

Email :

Phone : 9637817317

Address : CVPR Lab, IIT Ropar, India.

Research Topic : Moving Object Detection

Current Position : Research Scholar, CVPR Lab, EED.

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B.Tech Pune University, Pune, MAHARASHTRA
Ph.D CVPR Lab, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Ropar, India.

About Research Topic

The rapid increase of video records is the motivation behind various applications based on automatic video analysis. To find visual moving objects by measuring the dissimilarity between foreground and background region is the process of Moving Object Detection (MOD). Motion detection is one of the prime step for automatic video analysis like automated video surveillance, automated traffic monitoring and automated driver assistance system, etc. General assumption is that the video recorded by static camera have motionless background and only moving foregrounds. But, practically background may also contain some local motion like waving trees and foreground may show infrequent motion, etc. Also, MOD in different practical scenarios like dynamic background, weather degraded, shadow, etc. is a difficult task. So, there is dire need of novel approach for MOD which is able to detect moving objects in different practical scenarios with less computational complexity.

My Research Objectives are as follows :

  • propose a novel framework for Moving Object Detection
  • detect moving objects in different practical scenarios
  • less computational complexity

Introductory Video About Research Topic


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